TRAVEL collection 2017-2018

Designed and sewn by hand, skilled craftsmen create and communicate with their hands sartorial forms and languages ​​of a innate and renewed cosmopolitan elegance created and packaged in Naples inspired by London and designed to satisfy and amaze the whole world. In the new "Anglonapoletana" collection by SARTORIA NAPOLETANA LUXURY there is the desire to rediscover and enhance the customer's passion and attention to detail that is subjected to each single garment that enhances and distinguishes the noble manual work of the tailor;

- At the base of every successful collection is their research, meticulous and scrupulous of fabrics: we carefully select the finest and most exclusive wool and silk fabrics for our dress proposals 13-14-15 microns. Extremely refined and shiny, our fabrics confer unique prestige to the garment and to the touch. Absolute novelty for our collection preview the new CASHLIGHT fabrics for the "shirt" outerwear,very light created with a precious cashmere and wool fiber ideal for these seasons.

- Inspirations from an iconic imagery of "Anglo-Neapolitan" elegance ...Tones of the blue Naples that blend with Prince of Wales designs in different variants up to the gray smoke London atmosphere .... Refined striped pinstripes in silk wool reflect their sinuous grace enhanced by the play of light that can be seen in the plot .... Revisitation of two must-have items in the wardrobe masculine .... sailor-inspired blazer with double buttoning and the timeless black tuxedo revisited in the cut and in the forms with chest throws straight and pronounced in satin .... Conclude the selection the unmistakable and appreciated outerwear lightened windows emptied and versatile in various colors and shades of purple tones passing from the blue ocean to the English berber.

- Our tradition leads us to develop and constantly improve the construction of the head, maintaining the basic modeling, refining and lightening the structure partially or sometimes completely unstructured and insellato, ensuring a remarkable comfort and ease to the wearer by slinging his sartorial line and enhancing the details by hand.

- Strictly and meticulously hand-sewn using the best Egyptian fabrics and yarns from GIZA 45 region, only a few quantities produced annually, enhance the precious details of the buttons in 18 "Australian mother of pearl carefully sewn to" paw "as tradition wants .... colored and soft to match to sports jackets as well as to dresses with more formal colors.

- Characterized by unique tailoring details such as the prolonged strap that favors wearability, the stitching and the red joist our distinctive sign and the external pocket turned by a mother-of-pearl button. Iconic tailoring, essence of style.

- Knotted and shiny silk and cashmere characterized by small floral motifs and paisley fantasy Neapolitan typical taste in three or seven pleats unlined.

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